Sugar Inn

Termin vereinbaren




The hair removal method with sugar gel has its origins in the Orient. Even the Egyptians in the time of Cleopatra cared for their bodies with a sugar decoction, which then as now

is made with the same ingredients. The sugar paste, brewed from sugar, lemon juice and water, was not only used for general personal hygiene, but also traditionally in the bridal preparation ceremony. The young bride was almost completely depilated before the wedding, only her hair and eyebrows. This allowed her to enter into marriage pure and free of unclean hair and skin particles.

Even today, women of all ages in the oriental countries meet regularly to cook a sugar gel together in order to prepare a cosmetic


Over the millennia, the technique of hair removal with sugar gel has improved noticeably. The execution by more adapted hand positions became more gentle and less painful for the person to be depilated. It has been found that sugar has an antibacterial effect. It was therefore used during wartime and in the event of a general shortage of medication to disinfect wounds. In medicine today it is considered a natural remedy for skin infections.